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Extreme Waterproof

protective lengthening mascara fl. 11 ml

Extremely long-lasting mascara, perfect for those who wish to always have their lashes on display. The unique, intense black texture creates a thin, light film that gives depth to the gaze. A waterp..

Magic cleanser 2 in 1

eye and lip makeup remover bottle 125 ml

Eye and lip makeup remover that combines an effective and gentle action in one step. It associates two steps: an aqueous step, with a soothing and decongestant action, and an oily step, with moisturis..

Perfect eye primer

smoothing eye base tube 12 ml

A creamy eyeshadow primer with light pigments that helps even out and neutralise eyelid discolouration. It creates a thin film that blends with the skin, leaving it soft and lifted, ready for the appl..

Diamond eye shadow

bright eyeshadow

A never-before-seen highly pigmented creamy powder formulated to cover the eyelids with intense and luminous colour, without weighing down the features. Its soft, light and comfortable texture offers ..

Pure mat eye shadow

matte eyeshadow

A high-performance formula, soft and gentle, it gives an ultra-pigmented, velvet-smooth and matte finish. It is easy to apply evenly on the eyelids and easy to build up without looking patchy. It crea..

Ink color line

waterproof eye pencil

Innovative, rich and pigmented gel-paste formula that glides perfectly and very comfortably on the eyelid. The soft and creamy texture glides effortlessly without friction and guarantees the immediate..

Infinity kajal

eye pencil

Kajal pencil with a soft, intensely pigmented and long-lasting colour, for extremely smooth application and high blendability. The formula, rich in active ingredients with anti-oxidant and free-radica..

Extra precision eyebrow

eyebrown pencil

A pencil for a precise lining that makes it possible to draw, reinvent or intensify the colour of the eyebrows. It helps to easily fill in bare areas with very natural strokes and makes eyes look aliv..

Diamond eye liner

glossy eye liner

Extremely precise eyeliner; its ergonomic and anti-slip shape adapts perfectly to the hand, for an incredibly easy and fast application. Its extra-fine felt-tip applicator guarantees perfect colour re..

Extra precision eye liner

matte eye liner bottle 6 ml

Highly-pigmented liquid eyeliner, it applies perfectly on the eyelid without weighing it down. Easy to apply thanks to its felt-tip brush that offers a smooth and even colour application, for precise..

Natural & sensitive mascara

sensitive eye mascara fl. 9 ml

A formulation studied specifically for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It contains a mix of natural waxes for intense nourishing and emollient action that helps protect the eyelashes and keep..

Divine curling mascara

curving mascara fl. 10 ml

A mascara conceived to immediately coat the lashes for an amazing curl. Its formula, enriched with natural ingredients known for their anti-ageing and emollient properties, gives lashes flexibility to..

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