Antimacula - Whitening perfection SPF30

Antimacula - Whitening perfection SPF30

lightening foundation bottle 30 ml

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Soft and velvet-smooth liquid foundation, enriched with a special combination of active ingredients, known for their lightening and brightening action, it helps correct face discolouration. Thanks to the presence of SPF, it helps prevent and slow down melanin imbalances due to photosensitivity and protect the skin from the formation of hyperpigmented areas; while its specific anti-ageing and anti-oxidant actives offer global protection from the signs of ageing. It covers complexion irregularities, evens out the complexion and helps free it from unsightly dark spots. It revives and sublimates the skin’s beauty with a luminous finish.

Active ingredients

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract: its anti-ageing, regenerating, and protective properties help effectively counter skin ageing.
Brightening Biologic Extract (Boldo Bark): to help diminish hyperpigmented areas, brighten up the skin and even out the complexion.
Vitamin E: anti-oxidant, fights free radicals.
SPF30: helps to counter photo-ageing.


After applying your usual skincare, apply the foundation with your fingers or with a brush, distributing it gently and evenly over the entire face.

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