Nail shield

Nail shield

hardening base bottle 11 ml

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Transparent nail polish with a brilliant finish, whose hardening effect is particularly suited for enhancing the resistance and health of fragile and delicate nails. Enriched with a mix of special active ingredients with extraordinary strengthening and restructuring properties, it helps improve the structure and flexibility of nails for a thickening and smoothing effect. A treatment that offers protection, nourishment and makes nails look visibly better-cared-for. It self-hardens and dries fast in the open air. Fragrance free.

Active ingredients
Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract: its anti-ageing, regenerating, and protective properties help effectively counter skin ageing.
Mastic Gum (Chios Mastic): it stimulates the production of hard keratin, the main component of the nails, strengthening.
Keratin: strengthening properties.
Celery Seed Extract: it improves the nails’ structure reducing dehydration, hardening.Vitamin E: anti-oxidant, fights free radicals.

Apply on its own for a very natural beautifying treatment or as a base coat under your usual nail polish.

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