Protective milk for children SPF 50+ bottle 150 ml

Protective milk for children SPF 50+ bottle 150 ml

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This sunscreen is conceived to offer full protection for the sensitive skin of children. Featuring a rich, highly protective formula with mineral filters, it is also indicated for fragile and sensitive skin, ensuring full, immediate and long-lasting protection. It helps maintain the right water balance, preventing sun-induced cell damage, and ensures better skin resistance while providing an effective soothing action. It has a lightweight, alcohol-free, fast-absorbing texture that is also water resistant and holds up well throughout the day. It is light blue during application, to make sure that no part of the body or face is left uncovered.

Active Ingredients
Edelweiss Extract: has anti-oxidant properties and fights free radicals. Ideal for sensitive, sun- damaged skin because it also contains tannin-enhanced phenolic acids with anti-ageing properties and other elements with a soothing effect.

Marine Elastin: extracted from connective tissue of marine origin; its composition is similar to human elastin.

How to use
Apply the product before exposure to the sun. Apply the right amount of product to ensure the skin is evenly and well covered, and all over the body. Re-apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after perspiring or after swimming and drying. If the amount applied is reduced, the level of protection decreases considerably.

Never stay out in the sun too long, even when using a sunscreen product. Keep babies and small children away from direct sunlight. Excessive exposure to sunlight is a serious health risk.

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