Anti-wrinkle after sun face cream tube 50 ml

Anti-wrinkle after sun face cream tube 50 ml

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Complete anti-age aftersun treatment for the needs of sensitised sun-exposed skin. Selected active ingredients (edelweiss extract, vitamin E, collagen) make this the ideal aftersun face cream for active protection of the skin against the oxidising effects of free radicals and premature ageing. Panthenol and liquorice extract provide excellent soothing and emollient action, while pure hyaluronic acid ensures deep, long-lasting moisture. Helps strengthen the skin’s natural defences by improving suppleness and anti-ageing, while maintaining a luminous long-lasting tan. Regularly applied after sunbathing, creates a soothing effect and gives a pleasurable sensation of fresh, moisturised skin. Dermatologically tested.

Active Ingredients
Bionative Melanins: contribute to a fast, deep and lasting tan.
Edelweiss Extract: has anti-oxidant properties and fights free radicals. Ideal for sensitive, sun- damaged skin because it also contains tannin-enhanced phenolic acids with anti-ageing properties and other elements with a soothing effect.
Vitamin E: actively helps and protects the skin against oxidative stress and free radicals generated by IR rays.
Marine Elastin: extracted from connective tissue of marine origin; its composition similar to human elastin is effective in slowing down skin ageing.
Collagen: fights skin ageing, improves skin tone and moisture.
Panthenol: soothing and refreshing action.
Hyaluronic Acid: a natural constituent of connective tissue, widely used in cosmetics for its powerful moisturising properties.
Glycyrrhetinic Acid: soothing and anti-redness properties.
Menthyl Lactate: refreshing action.
Bisabolol: soothing action and softening effect.
Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs): help retain skin moisture, suppleness and firmness.

How to use
Apply all over the face after sunbathing. Avoid the eye contour area.

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