Anti-wrinkle after sun face cream tube 50 ml

Anti-wrinkle after sun face cream tube 50 ml

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A targeted aftersun treatment designed to meet the needs of sun-damaged skin. Its gentle formula enriched with plant-based ingredients respects the skin, providing hydration, elasticity, and effective anti-aging action. The lightweight and fast-absorbing texture, when applied regularly after each sun exposure, provides immediate relief and a pleasant sensation of freshness while helping to maintain a prolonged tan brightness. Dermatologically tested.

Active Ingredients

Calendula oil: rich in antioxidants, it has soothing and healing properties. Especially indicated for irritation and redness
Seaweed and Red Lichen extract: have a restructuring action
Sunflower oil: rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it possesses strong antioxidant properties
Beet extract: moisturizing properties
Vitamin E: helps actively defend the skin from oxidative stresses and free radicals generated by IR rays

How to use

Apply the product generously after exposure. Spread evenly over the entire face.

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