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When Arval science meets colour, exclusive formulas come to life, capable of restoring to the skin the essential substances to attenuate the imperfections of all ages. The cosmetic properties of the original Swiss Apple Stem Cells, complemented by a kaleidoscope of bio-restorative active ingredients, offer unprecedented efficacy and colour perfection.

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Natural & sensitive mascara

sensitive eye mascara fl. 9 ml

A formulation studied specifically for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It contains a mix of natural waxes for intense nourishing and emollient action that helps protect the eyelashes and keep..

Divine curling mascara

curving mascara fl. 10 ml

A mascara conceived to immediately coat the lashes for an amazing curl. Its formula, enriched with natural ingredients known for their anti-ageing and emollient properties, gives lashes flexibility to..

Diamond progressive volume

multidimensional mascara fl. 11 ml

A creamy formula, enriched with exclusive active ingredients with anti-ageing properties, it helps to protect lashes from ageing and external aggressors, leaving them soft and flexible. The special br..

Water tested softening mascara

water resistant mascara fl. 13 ml

Soft and creamy mascara, in a formula that has been studied specifically to resist water, it guarantees naturally voluminous and defined lashes, with an impeccable long-lasting result without smudging..

Silky lips contour

lip pencil

Lip liner characterised by intense, long-lasting colour. Thanks to the presence of a balanced mix of natural waxes, it glides smoothly on the application for a lip contour that is enviably defined and..

Age control lipstick

anti-age protective lipstick

Incredibly feather-light, weightless lipstick with a luminous finish, it provides colour and lasting comfort without drying out the lips. Its particular formulation allows you to line the lips easily ..

Nutri gloss shine

nourishing lip gloss

A never-before-seen, ultra-comfortable lip treatment, with a protective and nourishing action, it offers relief from lip dryness, offering day-long hydration and elasticity. The power of vegetable oil..

Pure & mat lipstick

satin lipstick

An extremely creamy and easy-to-apply jumbo lipstick pencil, it glides effortlessly releasing pure and intense colour for elegant and sophisticated lips. Rich in anti-ageing and emollient active ingre..

Nail shield

hardening base bottle 11 ml

Transparent nail polish with a brilliant finish, whose hardening effect is particularly suited for enhancing the resistance and health of fragile and delicate nails. Enriched with a mix of special act..

BB nail perfection

strengthening base fl. 11 ml

Nail base coat with evening effect, studied specifically to camouflage imperfections, covering them with a resistant layer of satin nude colour, that guarantees a natural and perfectly cared-for appea..

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