brightening scrub dark spot treatment tube 75 ml

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Cream fluid, enriched with natural micro-spheres.

Actions And Effects
Exfoliation is an important habit to help comfort skin thickening and the accumulation of melanin. This creamy scrub combines active biochemical exfoliation with the mechanical action of the micro-granules, to exfoliate in a delicate but very effective manner, leaving the skin smooth and soft. In addition, the immediate radiant and transparent, visibly making the complexion more uniform, the regular use of the product prepares the skin for successive treatments, to maximise the effects.

Active Principles
SCA complex.
Jojoba wax esters and polymer micro-pearls: for a delicate exfoliating mechanical action.
Encapsulated tripeptide: to stimulate the natural process of cell renewal through delicate biomimetic peeling, reducing fine lines and irregular pigmentation. For a radiant and uniform colour and a young and radiant appearance.
Glycolic Acid: to delicately exfoliate the superior skin layer and improve the skin's appearance.

Specific treatment for use on the face and locally on all zones of the body subject to hyper-pigmentation.

Apply a light layer of the product on the areas for treatment, avoiding the eye contour area and leave to act for 3-5 minutes. Massage with light circular movements until the product dries and becomes granular. Rinse thoroughly and apply the recommended treatment. We suggest you use it once a week or once every two weeks for finer and more sensitive skins.

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