Atempora, which transcends time, is a renewed anti-ageing line of multifunctional products, created to fulfil the various requirements relative to skin ageing.
The Swiss laboratories
of Arval, always one step ahead of the market in creating highperformance, top quality formulas, have developed four special antiageing products to accurately respond to the various needs of the epidermis.
As with all the products in the Arval lines, excellentì quality active ingredients have also been selected for Atempora, and when combined with the guarantee provided by Swiss technology, these result in the development of functional products for counteracting and delaying the effects of ageing and keeping the skin’s beauty intact.
The modern textures, silky to the touch and easy to blend into the skin, make Atempora a valid cosmetic ally for all the problems linked to loss of tone, signs of skin ageing and dull complexions.

Atempora disregards the incessant passing of time, leaving the skin nourished, and always radiant and smooth. Atempora, for an overall, timeless beauty. The line features four special products, which can either be used alone or combined to optimise and enhance their effects.

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Lifting Elixir

smoothing serum bottle 30 ml

Gel texture, active ingredients with firming and lifting properties formulated to renew the facial contours and the skin density Actions And Effects With its biotechnological d..

Soin Vital

multipurpose antiwrinkle cream jar 50 ml

Soin Vital is a rich and soft emulsion derived from phytosterols enriched with Active Principles selected to offer global protection against the signs of time, it helps to maintain the natural hydro..

Soin Lift

wrinkle correcting face cream jar 50 ml

Soin Lift, is just like a "cosmetic intervention" based on active ingredients specifically designed to maintain the youthfulness of the skin without having to resort to the "knife". Soin Lift offers ..

Soin Sublime

firming anti-ageing pearly cream SPF20 jar 50 ml

Soin Sublime, is a light enveloping cream designed to restore the tone and the compactness of the skin to create ageless beauty Actions And Effects The presence of specific act..

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