Couperoll has, since 1968, been the leading dermatologist-developed cosmetic line in the treatment of skin affected by couperose. Using formulations that combine calming, soothing and protective properties, Couperoll has proven over the years to be extremely effective in visibly improving the condition of skin affected by couperose. Our Swiss Laboratories, renowned for their expertise in the field of dermocosmetics, have designed a new range of products with enhanced active ingredients to effectively combat different types of redness, not only the signs of couperose but also the more common ones that are typical of sensitive and reactive skin and those caused by rosacea.


AC Complex Plus is an exclusive active complex consisting of a pool of ingredients of phyto-botanical origin with proven efficacy and is present in all Couperoll treatment products. It acts specifically with excellent anti-reddening, soothing, anti- inflammatory, vaso-protective and anti-aging properties, to prevent and combat

imperfections related to epidermal fragility:

•Aescin (Active extracted from Horse Chestnut seeds): recognised for its anti-exudative and normalising action on the capillary wall, it helps diminish capillary fragility by restoring its natural functionality.

•Rutin (Vitamin P): a natural bioflavonoid found in various plants, such as peppermint and buckwheat, it performs a vasoconstrictive, anti-oedematous and anti-inflammatory action, helping to strengthen blood vessel walls and increase their resistance.

•Glycyrrhetinic Acid (Active extracted from Liquorice): known for its soothing, anti-reddening and anti-inflammatory action, it helps calm and soothe sensitive and reddened skin.

•Daucus Carota Sativa (Phytocomplex derived from Wild Carrot, also known as Purple Carrot due to its high Anthocyanin content): an ingredient of natural origin,

it has anti-redness and anti-inflammatory properties and is recognised for its ability to increase the microcirculation flow and reduce all types of redness in sensitised skin. Moreover, thanks to its antioxidant activity, it effectively counteracts oxidative stress caused by free radicals. In addition to the AC Complex Plus active, all treatments contain a selection of functional ingredients aimed at meeting the specific needs of the skin.

All products are *nickel tested and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Nickel in traces lower than 0.00001%

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Dermo Sensitive Milk

gentle cleansing milk bottle 200 ml

Ultra-mild cleansing milk that gently removes make-up and impurities. Actions And EffectsEnriched with the innovative AC Complex Plus, a specifi c anti-couperose, anti-redne..

Dermo Toning Lotion

gentle toner 200 ml

A fresh and light toner, it completes the cleansing phase gently, leaving the skin soft and supple. Actions And EffectsEnriched with the innovative AC Complex..

Fluid Dermo Active SPF20

moisturising anti-redness fluid airless bottle 50 ml

A light and fast-absorbing fl uid daytime emulsion, it helps soothe skin that shows the first signs of couperose and redness.Actions And EffectsThe innovative and specific anti-couperose,anti-red..

Instant Direct Action SPF30

anti-redness unifying cream jar 50 ml

A day treatment with anti-redness action that, thanks to its emollient and soothing properties, brings comfort and well-being to skin affected by couperose and different types of redness.Actions and E..

Emergency Cream SPF20

anti-redness anti-aging cream jar 50 ml

A day treatment with anti-redness action, with an enveloping, creamy texture that immediately blends into the skin, giving a feeling of comfort and a pleasant radiance to the complexion. ..

Double Serum

anti-redness anti-aging concentrate protective day - regenerating night airless bottle 15+15 ml

A daily beauty elixir designed to provide intense anti-redness and anti-aging action.Actions And EffectsIt is an innovative treatment that combines two powerful formulations that work in syn..

Anti-Redness Night Cream & Mask

restructuring anti-redness night cream-mask jar 50 ml

A day treatment with anti-redness action, with an enveloping, creamy texture that immediately blends into the skin, giving a feeling of comfort and a pleasant radiance to the complexion.Acti..

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