Half Times SPF 6

Half Times SPF 6

fast tanning single-dose 1 bottle + 1 tube 10 ml

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The synergetic effect of 2 special products (for application before and after sunbathing) provides a balanced screen against harmful UV rays and makes it possible to develop a perfect tan in just a few sunbathing sessions. Perfect to achieve a tanned look quickly and to deepen the glow and intensity of an existing tan.

• Quick tanner SPF 6 (to be used in the sun):
Super-concentrated fluid based on extracts of vegetable origin that act as pigmentation bioboosters, to accelerate the natural tanning process. Rich in dermo-protective nourishing oils, defends the skin against dehydration caused by sun, wind, salt air, chlorine and UV rays to prevent signs of dryness and premature photo-ageing.
• Quick fixer (to be used after sunbathing):

A rich creamy emulsion, fixes the tan and helps restore the skin's equilibrium, preparing it for further sunbathing.

Active Ingredients
• Quick tanner
Walnut Husk Extract: tan activator.
Betacarotene: tan activator.
Avocado Oil: dermoprotective, emollient action.
• Quick fixer
Walnut Extract: tan activator.
Horse Chestnut Extract: protective action on capillary walls.
Panthenol: soothing and refreshing action.

How to use
When sunbathing apply the Rapid Tanning Fluid and re-apply after each swim. For very fair skins or if the sun is very strong, use with a sunscreen with a higher SPF. After sunbathing, apply the Rapid Fixative in the areas where a deeper tan is required. In the evening, after cleansing, it is advisable to moisturise the skin with After Tan Optimiser. Also suitable for UV lamps.

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