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Tan Times face

concentrated anti-aging elixir – quick self tanner bottle 30ml

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Concentrated elixir in drops with a self-tanning and anti-aging action, offering a naturally tanned and perfectly even complexion from the very first application. Thanks to the presence of highly moisturising and anti-aging ingredients such as HYALURONIC ACID and BETAINE, a natural amino acid extracted from beetroot, it prevents dehydration of the skin, keeping it soft and velvety. The exclusive ULTRA SELF-TANNING COMPLEX, consisting of a blend of innovative DHA and ERYTHRULOSE, a combination of sugars of natural biotechnological origin; gives an ultra-rapid, incredibly radiant amber complexion that intensifies as the hours go by. ACTIVE BRONZING COMPLEX and a special melanin stimulator help activate the natural pigmentation process of the skin and maintain the complexion for longer. Silky texture, pleasantly scented, absorbs immediately leaving the skin soft and smooth. Does not stain, easy to use, perfectly adjustable to the desired degree of tanning intensity. It is ideal every day of the year and for all skin types. Contains DHA of natural origin.

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients

Ultra Self Tanning Complex.
Active Bronzing Complex.
Hyaluronic Acid (medium-high molecular weight): obtained by natural biotechnological fermentation, it forms an invisible film on the skin surface capable of blocking water evaporation and combating dehydration, and helps preserve skin firmness.
Beetroot extract: moisturising properties, helps activate cell turnover in the stratum corneum.
Melanin stimulator: helps to naturally stimulate melanin synthesis.
Biosugar Plant Complex: (sugar obtained from the natural fermentation of Maize and Soya plants): soothing, moisturising, restructuring properties for an anti-age action.
Vitamin E: antioxidant action, combats free radicals.

How to use
Apply a few drops evenly and massage in until completely absorbed. Wash hands thoroughly after use. It can be applied 2 or 3 times a week depending on the intensity of the desired tan. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper for easy application and maximum dosage control.


Does not contain sun filters and does not protect during sun exposure.
Do not use on injured skin. Avoid contact with the eyes.

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