Full Times SPF6

Full Times SPF6

super-intensive tanning cream bottle 150ml

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An SPF cream, perfect for those who dream of a fast, intense and long-lasting tan. Thanks to a specific tanning complex, ACTIVE BRONZING COMPLEX, a potent mix of melanin stimulators, it helps activate the natural pigmentation process of the skin and maintain the complexion for longer. A formula extremely rich in emollient phytoactives, it soothes the irritation caused by UVA and UVB rays, fights against dehydration, countering dryness, chapping and loss of elasticity, also in extreme and harsh climatic conditions or prolonged sun exposure. 

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients

Active Bronzing Complex (Walnut Hull Extract, Avocado Oil): helps activate the skin's natural pigmentation process.
Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5): soothing and regenerating action; moisturises, softens and makes the skin supple.
Aloe extract: soothing, refreshing, anti-age, helps repair and regenerate cells.
Biomimetic peptide: stimulates tyrosinase activity, protects and repairs damage caused by UVA UVB rays, improves skin pigmentation, helps combat photo-ageing. 
Sweet Almond Oil: moisturising, nourishing action.
Sunflower oil: nourishing and elasticizing action.
Jojoba oil: elasticising action, highly nutritious.
Vitamin E: antioxidant action, combats free radicals.

How to use

Apply the product on the face and body before sunbathing and swimming. 

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