Men are being more and more aware to the wellness of their skin, and Arval Swiss laboratories, backed by their scientific basis and cosmetic innovation have formulated a line of highly effective specific products - simple and practical to use - targeting the different needs of men's skin that may become greasy with blackheads and lots of shiny spots, sensitive, dehydrated and marked by time. Treatments are designed to resolve specific problems of men's skins, also connected to the different lifestyles and continuous environmental and climatic stress.
A range of easy-to-use, quick and rapid absorbing products. Pleasant, non-greasy textures that give surprising results.

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Antiwrinkle Treatment

intensive anti-wrinkle treatment bottle 50 ml

Intensive 24-hour anti-age treatment with a creamy texture that is quickly absorbed, fights wrinkles and loss of tone. Re-stabilises the correct water balance for immediate comfort and active supple..

After Shave

after balsam for sensitive skins tube 100 ml

Moisturises, soothes and rebalances the skin after shaving. Extremely light texture that absorbs immediately. Does not contain alcohol, mat finish, exercises a calming anti-reddening effect. Moistur..

Eye Treatment

anti-age eye contour treatment tube 15 ml

Cosmetic treatment with a global anti-ageing action to Use on the eye contour, offers a specific restructuring and redensifying action on the cutaneous surface. Contains specific Active Principles t..

Sensitive Shaving Foam

shaving foam for accurate and delicate shaving bottle 250 ml

The extremely rich and creamy texture helps to reduce irritation caused by shaving. Enriched with Aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E. Specifically developed for sensitive skins. Dermatological..

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