Latraditionelle is an essential range of super-nourishing products to help you face harsh winters and repair the extreme conditions of dryness, poor lubrication and cutaneous atony.

Formulated to preserve and reintegrate the precious asset of the cutaneous lubrication, assuring perfect colouration and a soft and compact complexion. Offers a protective, regenerative and anti-ageing effect that is appropriate for both male and female skin needs.

The latraditionelle products can be used:
- as a 24-hour treatment to protect the skin, fighting the effects of extreme environmental conditions;
- as a night treatment in harsh environmental conditions in combination with regular dayctreatment, guaranteeing the correct supply of lipo-restorative active principles neededcby the skin;
- as an emergency mask-pack to repair damage that has already occurred.
All Latraditionelle products are dermatologically tested.

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rich nourishing cream jar 50 ml

  Balsam cream that is rich and full-bodied, developed to create well-being for mature skins and those damages by particularly aggressive climatic conditi..


antiwrinkle restoring cream jar 50 ml

Balsam-cream with a rich and full-bodied texture to restore the well-being of damaged and dry skin, lacking in essential lipids. Actions And Effects Rich and full-bodied trea..


revitalizing cream jar 50 ml

Soft super-nourishing and lipo-restorative cream. Actions And Effects Restores comfort and compactness to skins that need greater nourishment when particularly tired and lack..

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