Pure Toner

Pure Toner

purifying toning lotion bottle 200 ml

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Rebalancing toning lotion, enriched with precious distillates.

Actions And Effects

Brings a notable and immediate sensation of freshness and well-being. Exercises a delicate astringent and balancing action that purifies the skin and normalises the shiny appearance, due to the sage and birch extracts and the proven sebum-balancing and astringent properties. An indispensable addition to daily cleansing routine.

Active Principles
Sage extract: purifying, sebum-balancing.
Birch Extract: offers an astringent action.
Distilled Hamamelis Water: offers an astringent action.
Extract of Iceland Moss (usnic acid): anti-microbial.
Rose Water: offers a soothing and refreshing action.

Use in the morning and at night, for combination and slightly oily skins. Unisex.

After cleaning with Pure Cleanser, distribute the product on a cotton pad, dab delicately on the whole face (particularly on the forehead, chin, side of nose) and neck.

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