purifying balancing balm bottle 30 ml

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Fresh balsam with an intense purifying action, developed to fight impurities, reduce the visibility of the pores and dry out the impurities of oily and impure skin

Actions And Effects
Enriched with extremely pure sulphur and purifying extracts of lichen, witch hazel and rosemary, it offers a specific balancing action on oily skins and those affected by pimples.

Active Principles
Rose Water: offers a soothing and refreshing action.
Extract of Iceland Moss (usnic acid): anti-microbial.
Distilled Hamamelis Water: offers an astringent action.
Rosemary extract: offers an astringent action, delicate and antiseptic.
Sulphur: dries out the impurities and offers a general antiseptic action.

Specific treatment for the impure facial zones, can also be used locally on imperfections. Can be used as an unisex treatment for male skins prove to seborrheic dermatitis and acne and also as an aftershave.

Apply the product on clean skin: pour onto a cotton pad and dab on the critical areas, avoiding the eye and lip contour.

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