A line of ultra-gentle products developed specifically for sensitive and hyper-reactive skins, to protect, nourish and counteract pollution.
 A series of screening cosmetics that help im- prove the condition of the skin by preventing sensitization and reactivity. Products formu- lated from carefully selected components that are fragrance and added preservative-free, whose pure active ingredients are skin-friendly and nickel-tested to limit the risk of cu- taneous sensitization.
High tolerance: formulations created from a limited number of ingredients selected for their gentleness.
Biomimetic components that can be perfectly assimilated, for excellent cutaneous affinity.

Neutrazen™ peptide that prevents and minimizes neurogenic infiammatory signs
Aloe Vera Gel gel soothing, regenerating and smoothing action
Laminaria Ochroleuca brown seaweed, with anti-infiammatory properties and protection of the skin barrier.

The Sensilia line repairs, strengthens and nourishes sensitive skin. Free of fragrances, dyes and added preservatives, nickel tested *.

* Nickel in traces of less than 0.00001%.

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Sensitive Micellar Gel

ultra-delicate micellar gel facial wash bottle 150 ml

Micellar cleansing gel for face with a light, fresh texture Actione and EffectsIt removes impurities and make-up (including waterproof products) gently and effectivel..

Light Cell Defence Cream

light defence and repair cream bottle 50 ml

A gentle protective moisturizing emulsion with light ultra-fine texture. Actions And Effects This emulsion fights wrinkles and pollution and it has been specifically..

Rich Cell Defence Cream

rich nourishing defence cream bottle 50 ml

A cream with a rich velvety texture. Actions And Effects A cream for intense anti-ageing and anti-pollution action: repairs, nourishes and protects, providing an immediate an..

SOS Rescuer Serum

revitalizing nourishing defence serum bottle 30 ml

A high-concentration serum with a silky texture Actions And Effects Serum with a triple anti-ageing action to delicately restore, strengthen and provide inten..

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