Solaire, a new line of suncare products enhanced with new active ingredients for a deep tan and unbeatable comfort. Like all Arval products, the Solaire range has been scrupulously researched with special attention to the formulations, in order to deliver tangible results and guarantee a superior tan safely and easily.

Arval's continuous research
into functional substances combined with its scientific dermatological expertise has led to the development of cosmetic specialities intended specifically to protect the skin during sunbathing.

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Hydra bronze water

face & body tanning water bottle 300 ml

A delicate and fresh product that, thanks to its particular formulation in a single gesture promotes the natural process of tanning during sun exposure. Rehydrate the skin leaving it tonic and supple..

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Sun times

tanning cream no filter bottle 150 ml

A special cream formula with no UV screening filters, for use at the end of the holiday to intensify the depth of the tan. The formulation is a concentrate of eudermic oils and vegetable extracts, wh..

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Intensive Bronzer

intensive tanning balm jar 150 ml

An amber-coloured balm for skins that tan easily or to enhance the intensity of an existing tan. A meltingly soft velvety texture that spreads easily over the skin to create a protective film. The s..

Full times SPF 6

concentrated super tanning cream SPF 6 tube 150 ml

A suncream rich in tanning and emollient active ingredients for super comfort. Helps keep the skin moisturised and firm when sunbathing, and prevent irritation, redness and dryness. Also ideal for l..

Ultra bronze oil SPF 6

sun tanning oil bottle 125 ml

Super tanning sun oil, quickly absorbed, non-greasy, non-sticky, keeps the skin soft and supple. Rich in eudermic oils of vegetable origin, protects the skin from irritation, redness and rashes. Also..

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Velvet balm SPF 10

protective moisturising gel-cream tube 150 ml

A light, silky-feel emulsion, for a golden tan in complete safety. Also helps keep the skin soft, supple and moisturised. Effective against harmful UV rays, assists a rapid, even, deep, long-lasting ..

Face screen SPF 15

protective anti-ageing face cream tube 50 ml

General purpose sun cream for skins that require an anti-ageing product. Protects the skin from sun damage, while helping to prevent wrinkles and photo-ageing. Anti-ageing action is assisted by Lami..

Long bronze times

after sun cream long-lasting tan tube 150 ml

Aftersun product in an extremely rich, voluptuous creamy formula. Helps to prolong the tan, keeping the skin soft, supple, smooth and velvety. After sunbathing, provides the skin with intense nouris..

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