Hydra bronze water

Hydra bronze water

face & body tanning water bottle 300 ml

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A delicate and fresh product that, thanks to its particular formulation in a single gesture promotes the natural process of tanning during sun exposure. Rehydrate the skin leaving it tonic and supple, it reduces the sense of warmth for a pleasant refreshing sensation. 

Active Ingredients
Biosugar Complex: an exclusive complex that has the ability to stimulate the synthesis of melanin by accelerating with a natural mechanism the tanning and prolonging its presence over time. Biofermentation moisturizing sugar: 100% natural glycol derivative which is also suitable for sensitive and irritable skin. Used during sun exposure helps protect the skin from sun and salt attack, preserving beauty and freshness and moisture of the skin.
Pullulan: polysaccharide generated by biofermentation with a silky and smoothing effect on the skin.
Hydromoist: complex of natural substances that act as activators of moisture on the epidermis.

How to use
Apply the product on face, body, hair with the appropriate vaporizer for an immediate sensation of freshness. It can be applied over the usual sunscreen.

Silky skin, super moisturized, perfectly fresh, bright. The tan intensifies. A complete wellness for the skin, a pleasant feeling of comfort, also favored by the special formulation that gives a high level of freshness and moisture. The product does not contain sun filters.

For a safe protection, Hydra Bronze Water must be applied in combination with a sunscreen with SPF suitable for each phototype.

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