Intensive Bronzer

Intensive Bronzer

intensive tanning balm jar 150 ml

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An amber-coloured balm for skins that tan easily or to enhance the intensity of an existing tan.
A meltingly soft velvety texture that spreads easily over the skin to create a protective film. The skin is immediately silky, moisturised and supple, for an intense golden sheen and fast natural tanning. Water and perspiration-resistant, non-greasy, does not stain fabrics. Contains shea butter and nourishing, protective moisturising substances to help prevent dehydration caused by the sun's harmful rays. Thanks to the Isochrysis microalga, a melanin activator, tanning will be faster and last longer. Does not contain sun filters.

Active Ingredients
Isochrysis: a monocell marine microalga native to Tahiti, and a sustainable and renewable source of concentrated active substances. The important extracts obtained from the microalga are used in cosmetics to assist skin pigmentation even without exposure to the sun. During exposure to UV rays, the Isochrysis microalga speeds up the natural skin pigmentation process.
Karanja Oil: extracted from Pongamia Glabra seeds, its global protective action as a natural SPF booster makes it particularly important in suncare products. Its chemical structure helps prevent damage to the skin caused by exposure to the sun.

How to use
Apply liberally with the hands over the body, before sunbathing. Repeat at intervals during exposure to the sun.

For safe protection, Intensive Bronzer should be used together with a sunscreen with an SPF.

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