Sun times

Sun times

tanning cream no filter bottle 150 ml

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A special cream formula with no UV screening filters, for use at the end of the holiday to intensify the depth of the tan. The formulation is a concentrate of eudermic oils and vegetable extracts, which improve and deepen the tan by preventing the skin from flaking. Suitable for already tanned skins, helps the skin maintain its hydrolipidic film to actively fight photoageing and dryness caused by sun exposure, wind, salt air and chlorine. The skin remains moisturised and firm during exposure to the sun, while the tan continues to deepen, for a compact, even and long-lasting colour. Helps protect tanning for darker skins or already tanned skins, and its rich creamy texture keeps the skin firm and supple while sunbathing.

Active Ingredients
Walnut Husk Extract: tan activator.
Horsetail Extract: supplening, firming action. Panthenol: soothing and refreshing action. Vitamin E: anti-oxidant action.
Avocado Oil: dermoprotective, emollient action. Sweet Almond Oil: emollient, nourishing action. Ascorbic Acid: anti-oxidant action.

How to use
Apply to face and body before sunbathing and after swimming. Has no sun filtering properties. During sunbathing, a sunscreen with an appropriate SPF should be applied after application of Sun Times. Do not use on children. Used regularly and reapplied as necessary, keeps the skin moisturised and supple, helps prevent flaking and maintains an even, intense, long-lasting golden tan.

For safe protection, Sun Times should be used together with a sunscreen with an SPF.

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