Vital Eyes

Vital Eyes

anti-age eye contour serum bottle 15 ml

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Fresh and delicate hydro-gel concentrate, immediate absorption. Fragrance free.

Actions And Effects
Moistures and smooths the eye contour area. Offers an immediate feeling of well-being and pleasantly extends the look. Regular daily Use helps to fight bags and minimise dark shadows.

Active Principles
Glycosaminoglycans: provide restructuring action. Hyaluronic Acid: moisturising action.
Arginine: moisturising properties.
Beech bud Extract: anti-ageing properties.
Plant DNA: anti-ageing properties.

Suitable for mature skins, also good for young skins, for those with eye contours prematurely marked with expression lines, bags or dark shadows.

24-hour treatment. After cleansing apply 1-2 drops with a light action around the eye contour and dab until it is absorbed.

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