Soin Vital

Soin Vital

multipurpose antiwrinkle cream jar 50 ml

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Soin Vital is a rich and soft emulsion derived from phytosterols enriched with Active Principles selected to offer global protection against the signs of time, it helps to maintain the natural hydrolipidic balance and the skin's pH. Fragrance-free

Actions And Effects
Helps to revitalise the vital functions of the epidermis. Its formulation rich in Active Principles means that it can be used on its own to nourish and protect or in combination with Soin Lift or Soin Sublime for more marked and dehydrated skins or in particular climatic or stressful conditions. Soin Vital promotes the natural rejuvenation of the epidermis and prepares the skin to maximise the benefits of the successive treatment. The skin is smoother more supple and silky.

Active Principles
Blackcurrant seed Oil: oil that is rich in essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids (noted for their abilities to preserve the barrier function of the skin and the structural integrity of the stratum corneum). The skin becomes softer, more silky and firmer.
Glycolic Acid: the smallest of the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). AHAs are natural substances that take part in various cell reactions, such as oxidation-reduction reactions, maturation of collagen and biosynthesis of amino acids. The cosmetic properties of the
AHAs are many: they are moisturising, anti-ageing and improve the appearance of the skin. Used in high percentages they undertake a notable exfoliating action. This is down to their functional properties, specifically:
- absorption of water and consequential increase in moisture and plasticity of the stratum corneum; - stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and mucopolysaccharides in the dermis;
- ability to reduce adhesion of corneocytes and accelerate cell proliferation.
Soin Vital uses AHA technology for a focused anti-age action to exploit the cosmetic benefits of glycolic acid, or the delicate stimulation of the natural cell rejuvenation of the stratum corneum with a resulting improvement in skin appearance.
Lupine lipopeptides: lyophilized lupine peptides promote micro-circulation and the oxidation of the skin, smoothing and reducing cutaneous micro elevation and increasing radiance.
Silanediol salicylate: derived from the synthesis of silicon via the application of technology that makes it biologically active. Its activity is increased and modulated by the presence of the salicylic acid radical that gives it highly specific properties, with a soothing and protective action against photo-ageing and free radicals.

A 24-hour multi-functional anti-age treatment.

Soin Vital is the 24-hour treatment for Use morning and night on the face, neck and décolleté that offers a continual and global anti-ageing action. Dab on clean skin and avoid the eye contour area. We suggest that you Use before Soin Lift for highly dehydrated, marked, tired or non-supple skin or Soin Sublime if the skin is lacking in tone and radiance. The functionality of the active ingredients is optimised for a more effective result.

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