All You Need Skin Care Duo

All You Need Skin Care Duo

Total Protection Cream SPF15 jar 50 ml + Purifying Hand Cream tube 75 ml

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Everything your skin needs for the new safety and beauty requirements. To prevent the attack of the new enemies of our wellbeing, while protecting and repairing hands and face, not only against ageing, but also mechanical irritation and imperfections caused by the new necessary precautions.

- Total Protection Cream SPF 15: anti-age - anti-irritation - anti-chafing cream
«Total shield»: anti-age, anti-pollution, anti-chafing: to soothe irritation caused by the use of facemasks.

Principi attivi
Specific anti-chafing polymer: film that is protective and emollient. a barely perceptible barrier.
Argan Oil and Green Tea extract: natural anti-inflammatories, very rich in vitamins and flavonoids.
«Broad spectrum» anti-oxidant complex: Extracts of Wisteria, Soy and Red Grapevine, a combination of anti-free radicals and anti-pollution that is highly protective against photo-aging.
Latest generation UVA and UVB photo-resistant sun filters.

- Purifying Hand Care: hand moisturising sanitising treatment
Treatment-cream to sanitise and at the same time moisturise hands that have been damaged by frequent washing and the repeated use of alcohol gels.

Active principles
Alcohol + Chlorhexidine: broad spectrum anti-sectic action.
Green tea: rich in polyphenols and tannins with antioxidant, anti-free radical activity.
Vegetable glycerin: humectant and moisturizing action.
Vitamin C: boosts collagen production, restoring skin suppleness and helping to keep it young and bright..
Vitamin E: xcellent natural antioxidant.

Apply daily or as needed.

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