Dermo-gel refreshing soothing after sun face & body tube 150 ml

Dermo-gel refreshing soothing after sun face & body tube 150 ml

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A special aftersun product in a delicately fresh gel, ideal for people who like their skin to feel immediately dry. The extra-light texture provides a sensation of velvety silkiness. A high concentration of aloe vera gel, known for its multiple properties, has a powerfully soothing, emollient and refreshing effect, giving immediate relief to sun-irritated sensitised skin. Conceived specifically to provide deep soothing moisture, the product assists the skin’s natural self-repair process and fights photo-induced ageing. The intense moisture restores the natural freshness of the skin, while the illuminating micro-particles create a golden sheen, for a more luminous tan. Regularly applied after sunbathing, helps the tan to last longer and prepares the skin for subsequent sun exposure. Quickly absorbed, non-oily, ideal for use on both face and body.
Dermatologically tested.

Active Ingredients
Aloe Vera gel: known for its many soothing, moisturising and regenerative cosmetic properties, rich in minerals and vitamins:
• Vitamin A known for its regenerative action;
• Vitamin C which, in addition to its anti-oxidant properties, is a contributing factor to collagen biosynthesis;
• Vitamin E, whose anti-oxidant properties protect the skin by preventing damage to the cell membrane;
• B-group vitamins, including vitamin B5, which has an anti-dehydrating action.
Important mineral content: iron, chrome, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus,
potassium, copper, sodium, zinc, boron, which aid the recovery of damaged sensitised skin.
Notable moisturising properties: the presence of polysaccharides, chains of simple sugars like glucose and galactose, helps retain the water naturally present in the skin and aids protection against external agents.

Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, to give the skin greater suppleness and inhibit the effects of skin ageing.

Soy Protein: moisturising and anti-elastase properties.

How to use
Apply liberally to cleansed skin after sunbathing. Avoid the eye contour area when applying to the face.

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