Eternal Eye

Eternal Eye

anti-aging eye contour cream bottle 15 ml

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Formulated to combat the signs of ageing in the area around the eyes and improve the beauty of the skin. Oligopeptides perform a global action against the signs of ageing, restoring elasticity and tone to the tissues, reducing wrinkles and expression lines. Hydroxyproline helps improve skin tone, Glycyrrhetinic Acid has a soothing anti-reddening action. Used daily, it helps prevent the signs of ageing around the eyes, moisturises and nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes, improving its appearance.

Active Principles

Oligopeptide complex: elasticising, toning, anti-ageing
Hydroxyproline lipovector: anti-ageing, firming, smoothing
Glycyrrhetinic acid: soothing, anti-redness
Panthenol: moisturising, soothing
Ceramides: protective, anti-dryness
Green Tea extract: anti-oxidant.
Macadamia oil: strengthening, nourishing
Jojoba Oil: liporestitutive, anti dryness
Jojoba Oil: lipo-restorative, anti-dryness.
Shea Butter: nourishing, emollient
Hyaluronic Acid: moisturising, anti-ageing

Apply a small amount of product to the eye area by tapping with the fingertips and massaging to stimulate skin microcirculation. Use before daily use cream.

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