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Bio Cleanser Gel

sebum purifying&exfolianting cleansing gel tube 150 ml

Cleanser and natural scrub for seborrheic, acne-prone skin. Gently purifies and prevents the appearance of blackheads and comedones. Its formula based on burdock root (dermopurifying ), Chios resi..

Dermo Sensitive Milk

gentle cleansing milk bottle 200 ml

Ultra-mild cleansing milk that gently removes make-up and impurities. Actions And EffectsEnriched with the innovative AC Complex Plus, a specifi c anti-couperose, anti-redne..

Sensitive Micellar Gel

ultra-delicate micellar gel facial wash bottle 150 ml

Micellar cleansing gel for face with a light, fresh texture Actione and EffectsIt removes impurities and make-up (including waterproof products) gently and effectivel..

Solutions - Hydra Comfort

moisturising cream for normal dehydrated skin jar 30 ml

Soft moisturising cream with 24-hour action for normal and/or slightly dry skins. Actions And Effects Light and silky, absorbs quickly, its effective active ingredients ensure a pe..


rich nourishing cream jar 50 ml

  Balsam cream that is rich and full-bodied, developed to create well-being for mature skins and those damages by particularly aggressive climatic conditi..

Dermo Toning Lotion

gentle toner 200 ml

A fresh and light toner, it completes the cleansing phase gently, leaving the skin soft and supple. Actions And EffectsEnriched with the innovative AC Complex..

Hydra Milk & Tonic

2 in 1 cleansing milk bottle 200 ml

Fluid emulsion that is very light and combines the effectiveness of a cleansing milk and the delicacy of a toner. Actions And Effects Removes residual make-up and impurities ..

Light Cell Defence Cream

light defence and repair cream bottle 50 ml

A gentle protective moisturizing emulsion with light ultra-fine texture. Actions And Effects This emulsion fights wrinkles and pollution and it has been specifically..


antiwrinkle restoring cream jar 50 ml

Balsam-cream with a rich and full-bodied texture to restore the well-being of damaged and dry skin, lacking in essential lipids. Actions And Effects Rich and full-bodied trea..

Fluid Dermo Active SPF20

moisturising anti-redness fluid airless bottle 50 ml

A light and fast-absorbing fl uid daytime emulsion, it helps soothe skin that shows the first signs of couperose and redness.Actions And EffectsThe innovative and specific anti-couperose,anti-red..

Hydra Water

cleansing micellar water bottle 200 ml

Cleansing lotion, fresh and light. Actions And Effects Extremely delicate, its micellar formula removes make-up, cleanses, moisturises and tones the epidermis, efficiently el..


revitalizing cream jar 50 ml

Soft super-nourishing and lipo-restorative cream. Actions And Effects Restores comfort and compactness to skins that need greater nourishment when particularly tired and lack..

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