Hydra Serum

Hydra Serum

radiant moisturizing serum bottle 30 ml

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Fresh and opalescent product, developed to act in synergy with the Aquapure treatments. Fragrance free.

Actions And Effects
Its light texture envelops the face in a fresh moisturising veil, it absorbs quickly and leaves a soft and velvety touch. The perfect balance of its ingredients moisturises the skin making it soft and supple. Especially designed to help fight the formation of small lines, minimise the signs of dryness caused by demoisture and protect the skin from external agents, it is immediately absorbed and the micro-illuminating and reflecting pearls make the skin radiant.

Active Principles
Sea Water: highly moisturising and supplening properties.
Hyaluronic Acid: intense moisturising and helps to maintain the skin's suppleness.
Vitamin C: anti-oxidant action, helps to fight skin ageing.
Illuminating pearls derived from Mica: the reflecting effect helps to make the skin radiant and uniform the complexion.

Use before the daily treatment in the morning and at night.

Apply with small dabs until completely absorbed. Follow with your standard Aquapure treatment. Avoid the eye contour area.

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