Gentle Milk

Gentle Milk

skin whitening cleansing milk dark spot treatment bottle 300 ml

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Specific cleansing emulsion, the first daily action to fight dyschromia and confer radiance to the complexion.

Actions And Effects

Gentle cleanser, respects the natural level of moisture and its fading synergetic Active Principles help prepare the skin for successive Antimacula treatments.

Active Principles
Sweet almond oil and wax: confers softness and helps protect the skin.
Diglycerine: a moisturising active principle that doubles the recognised hydrating action of the glycerol. Technologically advanced, conserves the natural origin of the glycerol.
Creatinine: natural amino-acid derivative noted for its anti-mark action, helps to inhibit the activity of the tyrosinase in melanocytes and to make the skin more radiant and uniform.

Daily cleansing treatment perfect for delicate skins.

Distribute the product on a cotton pad and massage into the face with circular movements removing make-up and impurities.

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