Specifical Toned Factor

Specifical Toned Factor

revitalizing tonic lotion bottle 300 ml

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Light and fresh toning lotion without alcohol and enriched with soothing vegetable extracts.

Actions And Effects
Combines daily cleansing with a toning action. Eliminates every residue of impurity and refreshes the skin whilst preparing it for the next treatments.

Active Principles
Glycosaminoglycans: provide restructuring action.
Cornflower Distillate: tones the skin.
Extract of Witch Hazel: rehydrating, refreshing and rejuvenating action.
Yarrow Distillate: soothing and softening.
Magnesium Aspartate: relaxing anti-stress.

Perfect for mature skins and for those that tend towards dryness.

Daily toning treatment. Apply with a cotton pad.

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