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Balsam cream that is rich and full-bodied, developed to create well-being for mature skins and those damages by particularly aggressive climatic conditions.

Actions And Effects
Enriched with reconstituted synthesized vison oil that with its content of unsaturated fatty acids (EFA) offers an effective emollient/nourishing and protective action. The constant Use of Vison during the colder months guarantees maximum protection, assuring well-being and comfort for the epidermis and rebalancing lipid shortages. Improves the cutaneous suppleness, confers softness and tone.

Active Principles
Reconstituted Vison Oil lipo-restorative, dermo-analogous.
Jojoba Oil: dermo-protective, supplening, emollient.
Yarrow Distillate emollient, relieving.
Sweet Almond Oil: emollient, nourishing, supplening.
Bee's Wax: dermo-protective, emollient.

24-hour treatment. Use during the day to improve suppleness and the softness of the skin or as a mask-pack for an emergency restorative effect. Ideal for mature or cracked skins as a night treatment, particularly in cold or dry conditions.

Apply on a perfectly clean face, avoiding the eye contour area. As a mask-pack: apply a thick layer, leave for 30 minutes, deb with a cloth soaked in warm water and then remove.

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