Solutions - Bio-Balancing Cream

Solutions - Bio-Balancing Cream

purifying restoring cream bottle 30 ml

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Purifying emulsion, 24-hour action with a light and delicate texture.

Actions And Effects
Assures comfort and correct moisture while contributing to constant cell renewal to smooth the epidermal grain and improve visually the purity, radiance and smoothness. 

Active Principles
Hawthorn Extract: astringent and normalising action.
Lactic Acid: exercises a micro-exfoliating action as alpha hydroxy acid.
Arginine: moisturising effect.
Vitamin A: anti-ageing action.
Hyaluronic Acid: moisturising action.

Suitable for all oily and impure skins that need an anti-age action. Unisex.

After suitable cleansing apply the product morning and night. Distribute into the palm of the hand and apply with a light movement of the fingers avoiding the eye contour area.

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