Eye Defence SPF20

Eye Defence SPF20

anti-ageing eye contour balm bottle 15 ml

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Balm with a creamy, fresh and velvety texture specific for the delicate eye contour area.

Actions And Effects
Rich in active ingredients with a high level of purity, it keeps the skin toned, prevents and counters wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. An effective UV SPF 20 filter system protects from sun radiation, counteracting photo-ageing and preventing expression lines.

Active Principles
AC complex.
A natural complex consisting of Fructose and Indian Ginseng root (Withania Somnifera): protects against the damage caused by blue light (HEV).
mix of extracts of Ash bark, Organic Silica and Vitamin B3: helps to even out the eye contour area, minimising puffiness and dark circles, for a full anti-ageing effect.

Ideal both in the morning, to counter the swelling typical of awakening, and in the evening to take advantage of its benefits during the night. It is an excellent make-up base as it makes application and correct fixing easier. Ophthalmologically tested, it respects tear pH. Fragrance free.

After cleansing, apply the balm around the eyes with small strokes and massage gently from the inside outwards until fully absorbed. Do not apply to the upper eyelid.

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