concentrate serum dark spot treatment bottle 30 ml

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Creamy serum that is easily absorbed.

Actions And Effects
Light texture, to be used in combination with the other products in the range to strengthen their effects or under your regular treatment. Also perfect for the treatment of male skins.

Active Principles
SCA complex.
Encapsulated Biomimetic Peptide: for a combined whitening action.
Derived from plant hydroxyproline: for a moisturising, supplening and anti free-radical action.
Vitamin E: to protect the cells from free radicals and the damage of external agents, preventing the phenomenon of oxidation and cutaneous ageing.

Speciality product with a high concentration of Active Principles for the treatment of dark marks and localised use all over the body.

Apply on the hyper-pigmented areas of the face and body massaging in delicately. Emergency treatment to be used periodically along with your regular treatment, particularly during the summer or when exposed to external agents. Avoid the eye contour area. During the day you should combine it with a sun protection product.

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