24 Hours

24 Hours

antiwrinkle restoring treatment jar 50 ml

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Rich and light creamy emulsion that is quickly absorbed.

Actions And Effects
Improves the cutaneous structure accelerating exchange and cellular renewal, fights cellular relaxation and restores tone and suppleness to the skin. Moisturises, nourishes and brings radiance to the skin day after day.

Active Principles
Plant-derived squalene: nourishing and emollient properties, help to restore the skin's hydrolipid film.
Polysaccharides of biological origin: known for its cell renewal properties and offers protection against the oxidative stress of UVA rays.
Hydroxyproline lipovector of biotechnological origin: anti-wrinkle and smoothing properties, makes the skin compact and supple.
Yeast Extract (bio-technological product derived from a particular type of yeast): stimulates regeneration and cellular turn-over.
Ceramides: the main constituents of epidermal intercellular lipid cement, own moisturising properties and restructure the cellular cohesion of the epidermis.
Galacturonic Acid: polysaccharide of plant origin, gently stimulates cell regeneration.

Designed to improve the moisture and suppleness of the cutaneous tissues. It is the day and night anti-ageing treatment ideal for skins that are lacking in tone, dull and prematurely lined or affected by aggression from external agents.

24-hour treatment, apply in the morning and night after cleansing. Distribute with a light action over the entire face, avoiding the eye contour area.

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