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Solutions - Over 50

antiwrinkle replumping cream jar 30 ml

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Soft and rich cream, it extends over the face to confer a pleasant sensation of softness and silkiness.

Actions And Effects
Strengthens, re-compacts and smooths the skin, fighting the signs of age. Provides an anti-wrinkle action to reduce the depth of lines and prevent the formation of new ones. lengthen the expression lines with a strong moisturising and nourishing action to make the face more distended and the skin more silky and radiant.

Active Principles
Soya Isoflavones: widely recognised for their anti-wrinkle, redensifying and collagen production stimulating properties, here it is encapsulated in a more active, liposomal form.
Molecular Film: created by high pressure microfluidisation of plant polymers that contain glucose, xanthan gum and carragenates, possesses highly moisturising properties and confers a sensation of pleasant freshness to the skin.
Shea Butter: rich in specific unsaponifiables, nourishes and protects the skin; biotechnological derived polysaccharide known for its cell renewal properties and offers protection against the oxidative stress of UVA rays.
Collagen: fundamental constituent of the dermis, possesses moisturising, protective, supplening and filmogen properties.
Refined Grape seed Oil: rich in unsaturated fatty acids helps to restore the cutaneous suppleness.
Hydroxyproline lipovector of biotechnological origin: anti-wrinkle and smoothing properties, makes the skin compact and supple.
Extract of Green Tea: with notable antioxidant and toning properties.

Suitable for all skin types. It is a formula suitable for women facing the symptoms of advancing age.

Daily day and night treatment.

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