Solutions - Face and Neck Cream

Solutions - Face and Neck Cream

face and neck dark spot treatment SPF 8 jar 30 ml

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Rich and comfortable 24-hour cream.

Actions And Effects
Helps to prevent the formation of cutaneous marks on the face and the delicate neck and decolleté areas, makes the skin radiant and the complexion more uniform, helps to attenuate existing dyschromia. Its rich formula keeps the skin looking young, compact and supple.

Active Principles
SCA complex.
Encapsulated Biomimetic Peptide: for a combined fading action.
Diacetyl Boldine: substance that is derived from the bark of the Chilean Boldo. Reduces the hyper-pigmented areas, making the skin more radiant and the colour more uniform.
UVA/UVB Filters: to prevent and slow down melanin imbalance induced by photosensitisation.
Bio-Hyaluronic acid: for an effective smoothing and moisturising effect that lasts for a long time.

Daily treatment suitable for dry skins in cold climates.

Apply on the face, neck and decolleté after cleansing in the morning and night with a light massage action. Avoid the eye contour area.

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