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Gentle Milk

skin whitening cleansing milk dark spot treatment bottle 300 ml

Specific cleansing emulsion, the first daily action to fight dyschromia and confer radiance to the complexion. Actions And Effects Gentle cleanser, respects the natural level of moistu..

Toning Lotion

skin whitening refreshing toner dark spot treatment bottle 300 ml

Fresh lotion, without alcohol, it is the natural complement to the Antimacula Cleansing Milk. Actions And Effects Completes cleansing and p..


brightening scrub dark spot treatment tube 75 ml

Cream fluid, enriched with natural micro-spheres. Actions And Effects Exfoliation is an important habit to help comfort skin thickening and..


concentrate serum dark spot treatment bottle 30 ml

Creamy serum that is easily absorbed. Actions And Effects Light texture, to be used in combination with the other products in the range to strengthen their effects or under y..

Perfect Treatment

brightener fluid SPF 30 bottle 50 ml

A specific day anti-spot treatments to help regularize the production of melanin. Actions And Effects Enriched with the SCA complex that ensures an effective l..

Face and Neck Cream

face and neck dark spot treatment SPF 8 jar 50 ml

Rich and comfortable 24-hour cream. Actions And Effects Helps to prevent the formation of cutaneous marks on the face and the delicate neck and decolleté areas, makes the skin..

Hand Cream

hand cream SPF 10 dark spot treatment tube 75 ml

Soft and fast absorption cream. Actions And Effects Acts to protect the hands from external agents, moisturises deeply, helps to prevent ..

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