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Solutions - Over 50

antiwrinkle replumping cream jar 30 ml

Soft and rich cream, it extends over the face to confer a pleasant sensation of softness and silkiness. Actions And Effects Strengthens, ..

SOS Rescuer Serum

revitalizing nourishing defence serum bottle 30 ml

A high-concentration serum with a silky texture Actions And Effects Serum with a triple anti-ageing action to delicately restore, strengthen and provide inten..

Specially Ultrariched Factor

restitutive antiwrinkle night cream jar 50 ml

Ultra-rich night cream offering immediate comfort. Actions And Effects Developed to reintegrate the skin's lipid balance and as an anti-wrinkle treatment, thanks to the richnes..

Spotless serum

Anti-age brightening lightening concentrate bottle 30 ml

Actions And Effects A concentrated corrective treatment that helps make all kinds of spots (dark spots, sunspots, age spots and signs of blemishes) become less visible and lighter in colour. It evens..

Bright eye cream SPF20

Smoothing brightening eye treatment bottle 15 ml

Actions And Effects An eye contour cream that brightens and perfects, reduces all kinds of spots (dark spots, sunspots, age spots and signs of blemishes). Active..

24 Hours

antiwrinkle restoring treatment jar 50 ml

Rich and light creamy emulsion that is quickly absorbed. Actions And Effects Improves the cutaneous structure accelerating exchange and c..

Bio-Balancing Cream

purifying restoring cream bottle 50 ml

Purifying emulsion, 24-hour action with a light and delicate texture. Actions And Effects Assures comfort and correct moisture while contributing to constant cell renewal to smo..

Emergency Cream SPF20

anti-redness anti-aging cream jar 50 ml

A day treatment with anti-redness action, with an enveloping, creamy texture that immediately blends into the skin, giving a feeling of comfort and a pleasant radiance to the complexion. ..

Solutions - Vison

rich nourishing cream jar 30 ml

  Balsam cream that is rich and full-bodied, developed to create well-being for mature skins and those damages by particularly aggressive climatic conditi..

Vital Force Serum

intensive regenerating serum bottle 30 ml

A comforting face serum that repairs, smoothens and refines dry, mature skin, revitalizes and redensifies its appearance and evens out the complexion, enhances the appearance ..


purifying&balancing concentrate bottle 30 ml

Fresh conditioning balm with an intense purifying action, conceived to eliminate imperfections, reduce pore visibility and dry out impurities in oily, impure skin. Enriched with pure sulphur, ice..

Double Serum

anti-redness anti-aging concentrate protective day - regenerating night airless bottle 15+15 ml

A daily beauty elixir designed to provide intense anti-redness and anti-aging action.Actions And EffectsIt is an innovative treatment that combines two powerful formulations that work in syn..

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