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Specifical Day Factor

protective antiwrinkle day cream jar 50 ml

Intensive and fast absorption day treatment. Actions And Effects Helps to attenuate the signs of time and to recover suppleness and vitality. Also perfect as a make- up base, r..

24 Hours

antiwrinkle restoring treatment jar 50 ml

Rich and light creamy emulsion that is quickly absorbed. Actions And Effects Improves the cutaneous structure accelerating exchange and c..

No Redness Cream SPF 30

soothing anti-age cream airless bottle 50 ml

Specialised dermocosmetic recommended for the treatment of skin with couperose. Actions And Effects Creamy and soft texture, not greasy, it is quickly absorbed. It provides immediate comfort fr..

Perfect Treatment

brightener fluid SPF 30 bottle 50 ml

A specific day anti-spot treatments to help regularize the production of melanin. Actions And Effects Enriched with the SCA complex that ensures an effective l..

Purifying Mask

purifying balancing mask tube 75 ml

Soft and fresh mask-pack for a purifying and micro-exfoliating cleanse. Actions And Effects Absorbs impurities and excessive sebum, exercises a normalising and gently astringent..

Solutions - Vison

rich nourishing cream jar 30 ml

  Balsam cream that is rich and full-bodied, developed to create well-being for mature skins and those damages by particularly aggressive climatic conditi..

Specially Ultrariched Factor

restitutive antiwrinkle night cream jar 50 ml

Ultra-rich night cream offering immediate comfort. Actions And Effects Developed to reintegrate the skin's lipid balance and as an anti-wrinkle treatment, thanks to the richnes..

Fluid Dermo Active SPF20

day protective emulsion tube 75 ml

It is quickly absorbed. A light pearly hue helps to harmonise the complexion. Actions And Effects It is the ideal remedy for the first signs of redness due to couperose., it is quickly absorbed ..

Hydra Rich

moisturising cream for dry skin jar 50 ml

Rich and enveloping 24-hour cream for dry skins. Actions And Effects Treatment that ensures an immediate moisturising (*) effect, makes the skin soft, velvety and pleasantly ..

Solutions - Face and Neck Cream

face and neck dark spot treatment SPF 8 jar 30 ml

Rich and comfortable 24-hour cream. Actions And Effects Helps to prevent the formation of cutaneous marks on the face and the delicate neck and decolleté areas, makes the skin..

Vital Eyes

anti-age eye contour serum bottle 15 ml

Fresh and delicate hydro-gel concentrate, immediate absorption. Fragrance free. Actions And Effects Moistures and smooths the eye contour area. Offers an immediate feeling of we..

Emergency Cream SPF20

daily soothing moist-treatment 24h glass jar 50 ml

Dermocosmetic treatment with a soft and creamy texture and a velvety and silky touch for immediate absorption and comfort. Actions And Effects It ensures effective soothing and ..

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