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Face and Neck Cream

face and neck dark spot treatment SPF 8 jar 50 ml

Rich and comfortable 24-hour cream. Actions And Effects Helps to prevent the formation of cutaneous marks on the face and the delicate neck and decolleté areas, makes the skin..

Solutions - Emergency Cream

daily soothing moist-treatment 24h jar 30 ml

Rich and soft creamy emulsion. Actions And Effects Featuring specific plant extracts with a soothing and vaso-protective action (St John's Wort, camomile), it offers a global b..

Special Eyes and Lips

anti-wrinkle treatment for eye contour and lips bottle 30 ml

Serum-cream with a comfortable texture, absorbs immediately leaving the skin feeling extended. Fragrance free. Actions And Effects Developed to work on micro-lines in the lip and ..

Eye Defence SPF20

anti-ageing eye contour balm bottle 15 ml

Balm with a creamy, fresh and velvety texture specific for the delicate eye contour area. Actions And Effects Rich in active ingredients with a high level of purity, it keeps the skin toned, prevent..

Instant Direct Action SPF30

day firming soothing treatment jar 50 ml

Cream with a rich, silky texture enriched with special colour pigments to even out and protect the complexion during the day. Actions and Effects Acts as a barrier against external aggression and en..

Solutions - Light Cell Defence Cream

light defence and repair cream bottle 30 ml

A gentle protective moisturizing emulsion with light ultra-fine texture. Actions And Effects This emulsion fights wrinkles and pollution and it has been specifically..

Sun Safe City SPF50+

protective anti-ageing anti-pollution day cream tube 50 ml

A dermocosmetic speciality that uses a broad spectrum ultra-light filter to provide complete SPF 50+ protection. Actions And Effects The pearly hue helps to harmonise and even out the complexion, to..

Hydra Eye

moisturizing eye contour gel tube 15 ml

Gel treatment, fresh and light, developed to moisturise the delicate eye contour area. Fragrance free. Actions And Effects Its mix of Active Principles acts in a focused way ..

Solutions - Bio-Balancing Cream

purifying restoring cream bottle 30 ml

Purifying emulsion, 24-hour action with a light and delicate texture. Actions And Effects Assures comfort and correct moisture while contributing to constant cell renewal to smo..

Solutions - Revitalizing Antiage D-Tox Cream bottle 30 ml


A rich cream formulated with ingredients from organic farming.Actions and effectsIt performs a regenerating action, intervening on the main levels of the chain of skin detoxination. It slows down..

Dermo Night Recovery Balm

night soothing cream jar 50 ml

Dual action night treatment: anti-redness/soothing, anti-wrinkle/restructuring. Actions and Effects Its rich and creamy texture, with immediate absorption, is as fresh as a gel and as effective ..

Solutions - Antiwrinkle Treatment

intensive anti-wrinkle treatment bottle 30 ml

Intensive 24-hour anti-age treatment with a creamy texture that is quickly absorbed, fights wrinkles and loss of tone. Re-stabilises the correct water balance for immediate comfort and active supple..

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