Full times SPF 6

Full times SPF 6

concentrated super tanning cream SPF 6 tube 150 ml

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A suncream rich in tanning and emollient active ingredients for super comfort. Helps keep the skin moisturised and firm when sunbathing, and prevent irritation, redness and dryness. Also ideal for long exposure in dry and windy conditions, when its rich formulation creates a barrier to help the skin retain moisture, suppleness and overall well-being. Assists a rapid, glowing, intense, long- lasting tan. Suitable for all skin types including dry skins, ensures softness and moisture during exposure to the sun even in extreme conditions.

Active Ingredients
Walnut Husk Extract: tan activator.
Betacarotene: tan activator.
Rhatany Extract: calming, moisturising action.
soothing and refreshing action.
Aloe Extract: soothing, refreshing, anti-dryness action.
Avocado Oil: dermoprotective, emollient action.
Sweet Almond Oil: emollient, nourishing action.
 Jojoba Oil: highly nourishing, suppleness action.

How to use
Apply to face and body before sunbathing and after swimming. Used regularly and reapplied as necessary, keeps the skin moisturised and supple, helps prevent flaking and maintains an even, intense, long-lasting golden tan.

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