Half Times SPF6

Half Times SPF6

fast tanning 5 bottle + 5 tube 10ml

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An exclusive tan accelerator composed of a synergetic system of 2 special products (to be applied before and after sun exposure). It combines a balanced screen against harmful UV rays and makes it possible to develop a perfect tan in just a few sunbathing - sessions. Enriched with ACTIVE BRONZING COMPLEX, a potent mix of melanin stimulators, it helps activate the skin’s natural pigmentation process fast and maintain the tan for longer. Perfect for achieving a tanned look quickly and for deepening the glow and and  intensity of an existing tan.

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

• Quick tanner SPF6 (to be used in the sun):
Super-concentrated fluid based on extracts of vegetable origin that act as pigmentation bioboosters, to accelerate the natural tanning process. Rich in dermo-protective nourishing oils, defends the skin against dehydration caused by sun, wind, salt air, chlorine and UV rays to prevent signs of dryness and premature photo-ageing.
• Quick fixer (to be used after sunbathing):
A rich creamy emulsion, fixes the tan and helps restore the skin's equilibrium, preparing it for further sunbathing.

Active Ingredients
• Quick tanner SPF6
Active Bronzing Complex (Walnut Hull Extract, Beta-carotene): helps activate the skin's natural pigmentation process.
Avocado Oil: dermoprotective, emollient action.
• Quick fixer
Biomimetic peptide: helps stimulate pigmentation and melanin synthesis while helping to strengthen the skin's defences.
Its anti-photoaging action offers a natural defence against solar radiation.
Calming action, helps make irritated skin less sensitive.

How to use
While sunbathing apply the Quick Tanner and repeat the application after swimming. If the climate conditions are particularly aggressive or if your skin is very fair, combine with a higher SPF to be applied after the Quick Tanner. We recommend that you are particularly careful during application: as the product has a light amber tint, it could stain your swimsuit. Following sun exposure, apply the Quick Fixer wherever you wish to intensify your tan. Also suitable for UV lamps. Apply Quick Tanner before sun exposure and renew the application constantly during the day.  *Clinical/instrumental study conducted on 20 subjects between 18 and 60 years of renew the application constantly during the day. 

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