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Half Times SPF 6

fast tanning 5 bottle + 5 tube 10 ml

The synergetic effect of 2 special products (for application before and after sunbathing) provides a balanced screen against harmful UV rays and makes it possible to develop a perfect tan in just a fe..

Hydra Comfort

moisturising cream for normal dehydrated skin jar 50 ml

Soft moisturising cream with 24-hour action for normal and/or slightly dry skins. Actions And Effects Light and silky, absorbs quickly, its effective active ingredients ensure a pe..

Emergency Cream

daily soothing moist-treatment 24h jar 50 ml

Rich and soft creamy emulsion. Actions And Effects Featuring specific plant extracts with a soothing and vaso-protective action (St John's Wort, camomile), it offers a global b..

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