High definition mascara bottle 9 ml

High definition mascara bottle 9 ml

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Fluid and enveloping mascara, sculp the eyelash while donates intense colour and a lenghtening effect. The innovative applicator consent to model and define the eyelashes with extreme precision. The short bristles part exaggerate the product and make the eyelash thicker, while the long bristles part, separate and defines the eyelash obtaining an extraordinary “high‐defini5on”effect.

Active ingredients
Filming Action: donate the natural effect.
Natural waxes: emollient properties.
Acrylic Resins: offer a lenghtening high definition effect.
Vitamin E: antioxydating action.

With the applicator on the shorter bristles side, apply the mascara from the eyelash root, turn it following their natural shape and then apply the longer bristles part to comb them and separate them, donating them defintion.

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