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Extra volume mascara bottle 9 ml


Creamy mascara, gives to the eyelash immediate volume since the first application, envelop them with intensive colour without making the look heavier. Leave the eyelashes soft and elastic.The cave fib..

Sensitive eyes mascara bottle 8 ml


Specific mascara for sensitive eyes and with contact lens, in soft and light texture, help to donate an extremely natural lenghtened effect. Its special applicator allows to evenly distribute the..

High definition mascara bottle 9 ml


Fluid and enveloping mascara, sculp the eyelash while donates intense colour and a lenghtening effect. The innovative applicator consent to model and define the eyelashes with extreme precision. The s..

Water resistant volumising mascara bottle 9 ml


Mascara soft and velvety, extremely covering, ensure a volumizing effect and long lasting effect. Dry out rapidly leaving the eyelashes perfectly separeted. Ideal for who desire a long lasting product..

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