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Eclat Naturel

Illuminating and moisturising foundation bottle 30 ml

Fluid Foundation light and silky, help to revive the dull colour and gives new brightness to the skin colour. It delicates blend itself with the skin covering the imperfections. Active ingre..

Caresse No Transfer SPF10

no transfer mat foundation bottle 30 ml

Fluid and soft foundation, help to uniform the complexion intensyfing the colour and giving an impeccable mat effect that last all the day. Active ingredients Vitamin A: anti-age action. Vi..

Royal Gold Foundation SPF 20

pure radiance anti-age foundation cream bottle 30 ml

Complexion will be delicately exalted by this rich, creamy foundation, with its ultra sensory and enveloping texture that will not dry the skin nor highlight features, leaving you with a pleasant se..

Supreme Antiage

moisturising antiwrinkle foundation bottle 30 ml

Creamy and velvety foundation, minimize the complexion imperfections while helps the skin to defence from external agents, contrasting the wrinkle appeareance and signs of expression Its the perfec..

Compact foundation 3 in 1 case 8 ml


Foundation in soft compact texture that, in an only gesture, gives the foundation an uniforming effect, the brush satiny effect and the powder tanned touch. Easy to shade, avoid colour spots on t..

Long lasting spray foundation bottle 100 ml


Soft and silky foundation with the innovative formula in aereosol, with its perfect coverage, help to minimize all the imperfections.Gives the face a natural and luminous effect, do not leave trace..

Serum foundation nude look bottle 15 ml


Ultra soft and silky foundation; help to uniform the colour and minimize the imperfections and wrinkle aspect giving to the complexion a natural long lasting finish. Active ingredients Soy ..

Perfect Matt Makeup

purifying foundation matt finish bottle 30 ml

Long lasting foundation with a fluid texture. Actions And Effects Designed to offer a specific normalising and balancing action. Blends p..

Whitening Makeup

skin lightening foundation SPF30 bottle 30 ml

Soft, fluid and velvety foundation cream. Actions And Effects Specifically studied to give an even complexion, freeing the skin from unattr..

Optimal Makeup

foundation for skins with couperose SPF15 bottle 30 ml

24-hour foundation relieving and moisturising. Actions And Effects With its soft texture, it perfectly covers every imperfection of the com..

Compact foundation SPF 30 case 8 ml


Its creamy and extremely fluid texture blends with the skin, making your complexion even and improving the effect of your tan. Broad range sun filters (UVA and UVB) fight photo-induced premature agein..

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