Velvet Shine

Velvet Shine

brilliant lipstick

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A creamy lipstick, specially designed to combine the characteristics of a brilliant color effect with a formulation rich in active ingredients with an emollient and antioxidant action. Ultra-fluxing texture, with a volumizing effect, offers immediate color release, perfectly modulated. Easy to apply, it gently flows on the lips, giving softness and hydration throughout the day. It is ideal for those who want a make-up with a natural shine.

Active ingredients
Mix of esters: they offer a thin film and excellent blendability.
Mix of waxes: to offer excellent smoothness in application and creaminess.
Vegetable oil: rich in ricinoleic acid, it offers emollient properties.
Vitamin E derivative: antioxidant properties, helps protect cells from free radicals.
Volumizing peptide: helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, moisturizes the lips and makes them soft, smooth and more fleshy.

Apply lipstick on the lips outlining their shape. If desired, help yourself with a small, thin-edged brush.

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