Supreme Antiage

Supreme Antiage

moisturising antiwrinkle foundation bottle 30 ml

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Creamy and velvety foundation, minimize the complexion imperfections while helps the skin to defence from external agents, contrasting the wrinkle appeareance and signs of expression Its the perfect ally of anti-age treatments.

Active ingredients

CoenzimQ10 – VitaminE: anti-oxydating action, against free radicals.

Estolid (Ceramid similars): barrier effect, anti dehydration action Antiage.

Soapable of Olive oil: emollient properties.


With a sponge or a brush apply a small amount of the product directly on the sponge or on the brush, spread with light touches starting from the T zone and finishing with eye contour and lips. With the fingers: take away a small amount of the product and apply on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Spread with light touches from the center to the external part.

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