The Aquapure range has been specifically developed to provide hydration and protection to the skin on the face and body.

A complete range of products, from the cleanser to daily treatments, enriched with Sea Water, the perfect solution to the hydrolipidic deficiency of the skin.

Moisturising face care
Combination and oily skin: allows you to rediscover the perfect moisturising level, offering the ideal solution to the demoisture of young and older skin, creating a pleasant mat effect.
Normal to slightly dry skin: moisturises and softens dehydrated skin, fights wrinkles and expression lines typical of ageing skin. 
Dry skin: creates comfort and a sense of well-being for very dry and poorly nourished skins, offers indispensable elements to help preserve the skin's youthfulness and beauty.

Moisturising body care
A cosmetic line that helps fight the signs of ageing, while offering a pleasurable, healthy sensation with soft, silky easy-to-apply textures that are pleasant to the touch and smell.

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Hydra Water

cleansing micellar water bottle 200 ml

Cleansing lotion, fresh and light. Actions And Effects Extremely delicate, its micellar formula removes make-up, cleanses, moisturises and tones the epidermis, efficiently el..

Hydra Milk & Tonic

2 in 1 cleansing milk bottle 200 ml

Fluid emulsion that is very light and combines the effectiveness of a cleansing milk and the delicacy of a toner. Actions And Effects Removes residual make-up and impurities ..

Hydra Serum

radiant moisturizing serum bottle 30 ml

Fresh and opalescent product, developed to act in synergy with the Aquapure treatments. Fragrance free. Actions And Effects Its light texture envelops the face in a fresh moi..

Hydra Light

moisturising cream for combination and oily skin jar 50 ml

24-hour emulsion for combination and oily skins, ultra-light texture. Actions And Effects Moisturising treatment that helps restore comfort and well-being to the s..

Hydra Comfort

moisturising cream for normal dehydrated skin jar 50 ml

Soft moisturising cream with 24-hour action for normal and/or slightly dry skins. Actions And Effects Light and silky, absorbs quickly, its effective active ingredients ensure a pe..

Hydra Rich

moisturising cream for dry skin jar 50 ml

Rich and enveloping 24-hour cream for dry skins. Actions And Effects Treatment that ensures an immediate moisturising (*) effect, makes the skin soft, velvety and pleasantly ..

Hydra Eye

moisturizing eye contour gel tube 15 ml

Gel treatment, fresh and light, developed to moisturise the delicate eye contour area. Fragrance free. Actions And Effects Its mix of Active Principles acts in a focused way ..

Hydra Shower Gel

silky shower gel tube 250 ml

A delicate cleansing gel for a pleasant daily skincare routine. Actions And Effects With a mild formula, it gently cleanses the skin while preserving its pH balance. It fights..

Hydra Soft Body

moisturising and velvety body cream tube 250 ml

This lightweight yet rich lotion provides moisture and a pleasant sensation of comfort after bathing or showering Actions And Effects A true beauty elixir after bath that hel..

Hydra Deo Active

mild deodorant no alcool bottle 100 ml

This mild, alcohol-free solution is conceived to help prevent the formation of bad odours caused by sweating. Actions And Effects A vital part of your daily personal hygiene, i..

Hydra Hand Care

protective Hand Treatment tube 100 ml

A rich lotion with a lightweight texture, it blends into the skin to provide the right level of moisture and help prevent dry skin. Actions And Effects It creates a light, non-..

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